Dallen & Silas are two young hustlers creating fantastic music and video with drive, commitment, and passion to match. I am excited to hear what they will be dropping next.”

theZim (Word on The Street)

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    Dallen and Silas are an up and coming hip-hop duo from the greater Seattle region. They began working with each other in middle school when they agreed to be in a metal band, which fortunately never came to fruition. Fast forward seven years, lyricist, Dallen Pace and producer, Silas Stokes, are both twenty and tirelessly working on creating a perfect blend of their two mediums. Dallen capitalizes on his ear for a strong mix of flows and melody over beats that reflect the OCD personality of Silas. With goals set bigger than simply creating music, Dallen and Silas have single handedly produced all of their music videos as well as hosting weekly writing workshop at their studio to maintain their prolific work ethic. With the DIY attitude and no fear of the unknown, Dallen and Silas hope to leave their mark on modern music.

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